Succeed This 2014 Even Without Resolutions

It’s that time of the year again. January only means one thing, the dreaded “New Year’s Resolution”! Let’s admit it; most of us make long lists yet end up fulfilling very little towards the final months. In fact, based on statistics, only 8% of the people who’ve made lists are successful in achieving their resolutions while the rest have had infrequent victories or have never succeeded at all.

Business Tips for 2014

So, let’s change it up a bit. Instead of writing impossible resolutions which might even make their way to 2015’s list; start with ATTAINABLE goals.

1. Embrace Technology

It’s the 21st century; each day new technology discovered while the old processes are constantly restructured. Do some research and check for tools and software you can integrate into your business system. In terms of marketing for example, try mixing traditional advertising with online marketing. Update your website, register with online directories and establish a name on the top social media sites.

2. Connect with your Past, Current and Future Customers

Your customers are the lifeblood of business so even after the transactions are over, it’s best to keep them updated. Engagement is not a problem if you’ve gone through point number one and did research.

Aside from sending out e-mails regarding events or company updates, several social media platforms are available for use. If you’re not a big fan of Facebook or Twitter, I’d suggest you explore other platforms. LinkedIn has built a strong business community in the past years and based on our experience it’s been a very effective with communicating with prospects.

Of course, you shouldn’t forget about face to face interaction. Nothing beats being able to speak and interact with people on a physical level.


3. Think of your employees

Come to think of it, without your employees, running a business would be close to impossible right? Perhaps now is the year that you should share some of the spotlight with the people who work for you. Start simple, think of little everyday things you can do to show appreciation for their hard work and dedication.

In the long run you can work with your Human Resources Team or someone within the executive department to develop programs and activities that will help grow a positive culture and mindset for your workforce.


4. Remember one of the most important people in your life? YOURSELF.

While you’re busy growing your empire, we hope you don’t forget about your well being. We know you’ve got a lot of things to do but stress doesn’t work very well with success. Every business owner deserves to relax a little bit, enjoy other hobbies and explore new places. Spend time to nourish other aspects of your life. Try an afternoon walk weekly, reading a book or enrolling for yoga class at the nearest gym.

Sometimes getting away from all things “business” related can actually do you some good. It will give you more time to think freely and possibly find better ways to improve as a person and furthermore, an entrepreneur.


5. Learn to Delegate

This final number has a lot to do with the fourth point. The most common argument every business owner has to “me time” is the lack of time. This is a valid case however, have you ever heard of delegating? We know, it’s a bit difficult sharing tasks with other people especially if you’ve always been hands on. But trust is, you’re going to thank yourself in the future especially if you manage to partner up with the perfect in house or virtual assistant.