Making Social Media More Efficient | Tips, Tricks and Techniques

by adminfocusinc | Dec 27, 2013 | Other | 0 comments

In running an online operation (blogging, e-commerce site, etc.), making use of social media to boost your business or your company’s marketing is a great way to get clients. However, online work can become tedious, and throughout a person’s nine-to-five shift, one cannot help but get distracted. This is a pitfall in this line of work, because this can cause delay in completion of tasks and can risk the company’s reputation with some clients. Here are some tips to make sure time spent online becomes time well spent:

Social Media for Business

1. Create a proper and doable schedule, and then commit to it. 

Schedules are often taken for granted, and no one seems to have the patience to stick to a strict one nowadays. Schedules are useful for those who have a lot of tasks that need different amounts of attention (e.g. creating web pages, checking emails, and/or simply clicking “Like” or “Reblog” on a blog). These can help sort out the tasks which need to be done first, which need the longest time to complete, and which have to be constantly updated.


2. Schedule posts ahead.

Doing so may give you more time to concentrate on finishing more tasks. In online marketing, some sites that are frequently used have drafts folders or folders that can be posted at a certain date and time of your choosing. Of course, time will be needed to create the content for the posts, but these can be made in between breaks or lulls in your day.

3. Delegate tasks.

Despite the fact that people may be hardworking, no one is a superhero. One person cannot possibly handle all online marketing by himself/herself, so make sure to split tasks. If you work in a group, divide the work so that more tasks may be accomplished. Remember, there must also be a steady set of rules for everyone in the team to understand and cooperate in order for the work to be done.


4. Direct clients’ and customers’ questions to only one location.

When you work online, customers have a direct line to you and your company. And since social media marketing concerns having to work on different sites, the questions must be condensed and sent to only one account. Multitasking is good, but if one tries to juggle all different responses to different sites at once, chances are the replies will be jumbled, and the customers and clients confused.


5. Try cross-posting content. 

In social media marketing, one person can have accounts on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and more different networking sites. This is a good thing for the work, but a different site means different followers and different audiences. Cross-posting is effective because it can keep your content connected and frequently updated. But keep in mind that cross-posting must not be a constant resort in online marketing—doing so can make your site seem redundant.


6. Avoid over-posting.

Having content to post at short intervals may sound good, but this may backfire if the page views for what you post are not that much. Monitor the schedules of when and what you post, and see if the audience response is high or low—from there, you can figure out when to post when more readers are sure to view the pages you update.


Social media marketing may be a bit challenging, but given the right tips and methods, efficiency and productivity may be guaranteed.