How to Attract and Keep Clients

by adminfocusinc | Apr 21, 2014 | Other | 0 comments

Most little organizations are shaped by individuals who are great at what they do. Nonetheless, this is just 50% of the mathematical statement that prepares victory for a small business. Understanding how business works is the other half. Here are a few tips to help keep your business flourishing.

1. Understand what your business is about. What makes your business stand out? You have to be able to clearly answer the question usually asked by possible clients, “Why should I choose spending on your business when there are so many other options?” The more a business is about serving others and the less it is about you and your needs, the better it will work.

Understand Your Business

2. Know your targeted customers. Who are they? What motivates them? Where are they? Make sure that you direct your business’s message to a specific group of customers and not just the  general population. Really try to connect with people and zero in on what they need.

Target Customers

3. Attract new clients.  Once you understand who your customer is you will be able to identify where he is to be found. The more you can focus and direct your marketing efforts to the people most likely to actually pay for what you do, the better it will work. Some different media can be used:

Attract New Customers

– Direct Mail

– Newspaper and Magazine

– Yellow Pages

– Signs and Billboards

– Website

– Pay Per Click

– Blogs

– Social Networking Sites

4. Help your clients help you. Once you have a few customers that like what you have to offer, enlist them to help you. This is known as acquiring customers by referrals. Most satisfied customers will gladly tell others about you, but most of the time they will not think about it unless you give them a reason or incentive. If you find ways to reward or recognize your customers for sending you new customers, they will do so more frequently and with greater zeal.

Keep your customers—old and new—happy! Once you have them, do not forget about your customers. Everyone loves attention and wants to know that others care about having them. There are many ways to keep in touch with your customers.

Happy Customers

– Mail newsletters/brochures

– Send emails on updates 

Remember—a good businessperson gets clients, but a great businessperson knows how to keep clients satisfied and for good.