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4 Ways To Reduce Your Costs When Running a Medical Billing Firm

Whether your Medical Billing company is based in New York, Florida or Hawaii, the increasing costs of overheads like your medical billing department, team and resources coupled with the growth of competition, means that now more so than ever, reducing your costs when running a medical billing...

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The State of Medical Billing Outsourcing Market (Infographic)

The healthcare industry is one of the most thriving economies in the world today. On developed countries, the healthcare spending has been rising at a substantial rate, and governments are channeling more funds into healthcare budgets.

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6 Benefits of Outsourcing for the Holiday Season (Infographic)

Holiday season is the time of the year where people are expected to spend a significant amount of money buying gifts or availing services for their loved ones. Certainly, you don’t want your business to be swept away by this holiday rush, and you need more time and resources to focus on your...

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8 Reasons Why the Philippines is the Best Outsourcing Option Today (Infographic)

Situated in the in the heart of South East Asia, Philippines has remained as one of the top choices for companies who want to move their non-core maintenance processes offshore. Known for many years for its sluggish performance, the Philippine economy has been propelled to Tiger economy status....

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Difference Between Managed Services and Freelancers

In a complex environment, such as what we have now where challenges like the unstable economy, rising cost of living, and competitive environment, companies seek to maintain stability or want to focus their resources on their core competencies. They are often faced with a predicament of choosing...

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8 Common Misconceptions About Outsourcing (Infographic)

Look back 10 to 20 years and you will see the big changes that outsourcing has brought to the global market. A lot of companies that hire another individual or firm to handle non-core operations has grown into a fertile business capable of doing their best at their core functions, all while...

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How to be a Good Leader in the Workroom - 7 Tips From Focusinc

At Focusinc, we are always striving for perfection! We are on a mission to be the top outsourcing company in New York, and we know that to achieve this, we need to know how to lead, and how to work well in a team.

Outsourcing companies in the USA will often consist of large in-house teams, as...

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Building A Business in 7 Steps – Impossible? Believe It!

So you want to build your own business. You have your initial ideas, and you know what you want to achieve—what’s next?

Here is a seven-step guideline to keep you on track with your business plans, and to help you make a successful entrepreneur out of yourself.

Determine what you can offer,...

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How to Attract and Keep Clients

Most little organizations are shaped by individuals who are great at what they do. Nonetheless, this is just 50% of the mathematical statement that prepares victory for a small business. Understanding how business works is the other half. Here are a few tips to help keep your business...

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Debunking the 5 Myths of Growing Businesses

Myths aren’t just part of those old stories, its common even when it comes to business. In fact even the smartest business owners I know have fallen for one once in their careers. Maybe it’s high time you learn how to tell fact from fiction? Here are the most common myths you’ll encounter in...

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